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         This site will be providing you with everything you need to know about obieast music.  It will help all my supporters find my music, purchase my music, purchase an “obieast music” merchandise, and stay updated on my moves and performances.  You will find this site to be simple and easy to use but allow me to give a quick break-down.

   To the bottom of this page is  “Sounds,” where you can listen to all my music. Then you have the “Merch” page which is for merchandise. Purchase everything here, from the music you heard in the previous page to an “obieast mode” t-shirt.  Please know I went through numerous guidelines and qualifications in order to be able to accept personal information from you guys or my customers.   So please rest assure that your information entered is secure thanks to paypal also.  The “Events” page informs you of all my performances that will be coming up.  Last is the contact section, use this for any inquires you might require. From booking a show, purchasing questions, refund request, pickup, delivery, etc.  

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