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      Since I pretty much develop and engineer all my crafts, I decided to put a label on my work.  Stilafin Sounds is something I came up with due to my laughter in majority of my music lol.  You could say I had a loud and annoying type of laugh which stumbled its way into a live recording accidentally.  When the track played back the laugh fit right in and it stuck ever since.  I have many plans for Stilafin Sounds far beyond myself or just one artist. I still work a day job to help fund this passion of mine so listening, purchasing, likes on pages, follows, donations, and appropriate comments would go a long way for this label. I try to bring  joy and laughter to the people around me and I feel my music reflects that.  So don’t forget, despite all your heartache in life make sure you’re “stilafin” through it all. Enjoy my sounds and thank you for supporting #muahahaha.

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